A lot of my clients ask me whether I did my own make-up for my Wedding and the answer is, of course I did! I am a huge control freak and perfectionist so I felt it was only right that I didn’t inflict that on anyone else and I knew that I would only be relaxed if I did it. This is often the complete opposite to everyone else as getting your make-up done is about the most relaxing thing you can possibly do!

I thought since it is such a talked about subject, I would show you what I used for my big day! (not gonna lie, I love an excuse to look at my wedding photos, eeeep!)

For the Face


To start I moisterised with LUSH Enzymion. This is a wonderfully light moisteriser with brightening papaya, softening aloe vera and good old avocado oil to nourish, keeping the skin hydrated for the long day ahead which is so important under make up.

I used the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Primer over the top, this protects the skin, prevents all of your natural oils breaking down the make-up throughout the day and also has a wonderful shimmer to it, leaving you looking naturally fresh even if you didn’t sleep amazing the night before at least you will look like  you did!

My foundation was the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation. This is a matte finish, liquid foundation with skin care properties. I absolutely love this foundation and is a regular in my professional kit and can be used on most skin types. It is super long lasting, medium coverage and a lovely natural finish. I put the foundation on with a Morphe angled foundation brush, it certainly helps to have a bit of a tougher bristle brush to apply this foundation (remember to buy synthetic brushes to help the little furry animals keep their coats!).

For Concealer I used MAC select cover for any blemishes and under my eyes. This is a nice creamy finish and it is highly pigmented which means it will cover those nasty shopping bags. I also like to use this on top of my eyelids to prime for any eye shadow I will put on later. This acts just as well as an eye shadow primer and it means you only have to buy one product!

Powder was the Charlotte Tilbury compact setting powder in light. I have to say I do like to use the primer, foundation and powder combo as it just makes sense as they are all designed to work perfectly together (which they dooo).


For the Eyes

For my eyes I used used a translucent powder over the whole surface, up to my brow bone. I then used MAC Wedge for the crease and I used the Urban Decay palette- sidecar for my eyelids. I use this eye shadow all the time on my clients as it is a neutral, sparkly colour and is perfect for that bit of subtle glamour.

I smudged a bit of Caviar from Bobbi Brown into my lash line to define and thicken but avoided the gel liner as I didn’t want too much going on there. I used Urban Decay’s Cannonball waterproof mascara for that extra drama to the eyes ( I LOVE MASCARA) and that was that.

Brows were a the Urban Decay eyebrow tamer gel and a little bit of brown powder to define the edges into a nice point. I like my brows to be the center of attention.

Finishing Touches

For blush I used a blush (which has now gone bye bye because I used it to death) by Organic Vapour Beauty. And to finish my Wedding Day make-up off I used a lip pencil by Barry M in rose and this came with me for the whole day.


All in all I was really pleased with the decisions I made for my Wedding Make-up. It lasted wonderfully all day with only one lip touch up after we had our meal and it looked fantastic on camera so I was one happy bride.  I think to keep it simple was the best choice and I tried to not put too much pressure on myself (that bit was hard!).

DUN DUN DA DAA (that’s the wedding tune) Anyways…..bye for now xx


Photography by www.linaandtom.com