meHello! Welcome to my brand spanking new blog!

I thought I would kick off my blog with one of my favorite photos from my own Wedding, as I feel it embodies how I would like everyone to feel on their Wedding Day. To me this photo shows that I was exactly the same person on my wedding day as I am everyday. I love to laugh and jokes are my favorite as well as being silly with my family and friends, so I was determined not to let that change on the big morning! I want people to know it is OK to let loose, relax and not to worry about posing perfectly in your photos as it will be these types of moments you will remember forever.

My approach to being a Hair and Make-up Artist isn’t about how close to “perfect” I can make you look, it is making you feel like you can conquer the world with each stroke of my brush. It’s about finding that hidden confidence in yourself and using make-up as the tool to bring it out and use in everyday life. Instagram make-up is fun and exciting to look at as a piece of art, however I feel much deeper about the impression I leave on people. I help people realise their own beauty with and without make-up and I teach people how to look at their faces in a completely different way to what they have before.

To sum up striving for perfection in beauty is exhausting (I should know, I am a perfectionist) as it doesn’t exist and as a make-up artist my job is to show that perfection is actually accepting yourself as you are because then you will think you are perfect! Problem solved right? What we have to do is embrace what we have, learn to love it and use make-up as a weapon to release it. BOOM! *Drops the mic*

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