When it comes to reasons why NOT to do your Wedding Make-up yourself, I can most certainly think of more than 5. Yes you might be thinking “what is she talking about, she did her own!” Yes my friend I did, however I am also a professional and even then it was pretty stressful, no lie. I also had my bestie (who is also a pro) sat next to me at all times to monitor my every stroke and to vent at when the light wasn’t cooperating as I was trying to apply my brows (not cool light, not cool). So I have managed to whittle it down to 5 of the most important reasons that I can think of to not do your make-up yourself and to hire a pro to make you look and feel like that Bride you have dreamt.


There is no doubt about it your Wedding morning will be as memorable as the rest of your day and the last thing you want is to worry endlessly that your liner wont be straight, your foundation is the right color or that you have used the right primer for your skin. Weddings are a new kind of stress that we have never experienced before, until we get there. We can only then hand down experiences and advice to those who getting married. Hiring a pro make-up artist not only takes the practical stresses out, but it enables you to be more free with your time and your mind. You will know exactly what is going on your face as make-up artists are used to replicating make-ups from your trial to your day and this will be a HUGE weight off of your shoulders.

The most important word to use here is RELAX. Having a pro look after you means you can relax and enjoy your morning and take everything in moment, by moment. It is really important to not stress yourself out thinking “I HAVE TO ENJOY MYSELF” because naturally you will if you are chilled. To be able to laugh with your bridal party and have a cheeky bevie whilst someone else has the responsibility of making you feel and look incredible, what else is there left to do but smile, you are getting married after all!


As a Bride you are under no illusion when it comes to budget, we all have or had one. When it comes to spending money on your Wedding Make-up it may seem pricey to hire a professional, however if you do decide to DIY then think about this…you will more than likely decide to buy some brand new, professional make-up to give you that celebrity finish that you desire. Whilst it’s all good choosing new products for your brand new make-up bag, it will also set you back a fair few quid and this is without changing your mind on colors or textures! Make-up artists not only have all the tricks and tips up their sleeve they stock every color you could possibly want to try out, so you have the freedom to change your mind and try something different at the drop of a veil. Most make-up artists will also be happy to get you in specific make-up you need or want as well as they can then keep it in their kit to use in the future, rather than you buying the make-up and not being able to return it because it’s a beauty product! So next time you look into a make-up artists prices consider their training, experience and what they stock in their kit, I know that mine is the size of Russia therefore I am able to conquer any worries and create dreams.


So you’ve invested your future into your photographer, as you are leaving your memories for years to come in their hands, it is probably a good idea to make sure that your make-up is going to match up to those HD cameras which are going to be pointed at you all day! I asked my photographer friend Lina from the wonderful duo Lina and Tom (.com) and this is what she had to say.

“As a photographer everything I see is enhanced down the lens and it is very very rare that a bride doing her own looks as good as if she’d hired a professional MUA. The pros know how to layer for photography and we see make up slipping off sooner, particularly when we are editing. This puts us in a difficult position as to how much we edit, we make a point of not doing magazine style retouching for a natural look, but if the make up has come off it can be difficult to balance. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are not so good MUA’s like there are not so good photographers, but that’s why asking your photographer for recommendations is a great place to start and then have a trial to see if you’re happy. You also can’t judge the make up fully whilst you’re wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Remember the make up has to stand up against your dress so you may feel like you have a lot on but it will all balance out when you’re dressed. We judge our favorite make up artists on the fact that the Brides still look great as late as the first dance.”

And that my friends, is that.


Make-up artists have more tips and tricks than you do pinterest boards.  The knowledge that we have gained over the years and the experience of all different wedding mornings have provide us with the capability of coping with pretty much anything. As someone who likes to be there for my Bride, not only on a professional level but as a friend also, I have dealt with many non-make-up relate instances and with experience on my side, we have been able to resolve them. This can be anything from red lipstick on the dress, a forgotten bridesmaid dress or simply how to deal with tears when confronted with a full face of make-up. You name it, we have a solution, I like to think of us as little wedding fairies that fix everything.


Timing is everything on the morning of your Wedding, blink and the whole thing will be gone! As crazy as it sounds a more scheduled morning is a more enjoyable one. If you decide to do your own make-up this is potentially where things could get a little out of hand. In more cases than not, your make-up artist will set out a time sheet or schedule for you to follow and for your bridal party to follow too. This not only means you can relax as someone else has got your time in their hands, but you don’t need to clock watch all morning. This means you can sit back, relax and enjoy your morning.

Rachelle and Adrian Ross, 6th May 2017, Braxted Park, Essex

So whether you are considering doing your own make-up or you have hired a professional, hopefully I have given some food to thought on this matter! Whatever you decide to do, your getting married which is AWESOME, so good luck to you and I hope you have the Wedding Day of your Dreams.

S x